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Unmaintained WYSIWYG Page Editor 0.9.2

WYSIWYG Page Editor for non-admin users and without entering AdminCP

  1. Cory Booth
    Quality plugin by xfrocks...

    A page node editor using the standard Xenforo WYSIWYG editor.

    Does not support:
    Does not support pages with PHP callbacks.
    Does not support pages with non-BBCode calls (i.e. iframe, javascript)

    All basic activity a user would have making a forum post.
    Includes uploads as well.

    Control is done is two areas:
    Usergroup permission
    Page node permission

    This should only be used for the most basic of pages and then turned off for your pages that use more complex HTML calls and/or PHP callbacks.

    My hat is off to xfrocks - what a genius! So to save him some questions of why this or why that, let me explain the requirements I gave.

    Allow editing of pages by my moderators/staff to adjust simple text entries and/or pictures of pages currently used to advertise various services my site supports.

    The goal was to provide my moderators/staff a simple to use interface without having to explain how to use an HTML editor to make the HTML code.
    Another set back was I did not want to provide all these folks an FTP log in to upload pictures and then explain how to link the picture into standard HTML...

    Therefore I asked for an editor that used the standard Xenforo WYSIWYG editor to make these types of changes.

    What this means is my Staff/Moderators can upload and attach pictures to pages and make alterations to pages without needing to know HTML and without entering AdminCP.

    One bug with the saving of center code. You may have to reopen / apply the center bbcode / then save again.

    page.jpg pagegui.jpg nodeedit.jpg userpermissions.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. thomi100
    Version: 0.9.2
    First, I thought this is the all-time best Add-On. I edited some pages, it fits the design and it was very good. But later, I just wanted to edit a page, the whole formatting was lost. I had to re-format the whole page. Good, but with bugs.
  2. Mr Lucky
    Mr Lucky
    Version: 0.9.2
    This is really useful, I hadn't realised it would be possible to edit pages at the "front end". What more can I say? It seems I have to say more in order to submit the review. It's really, really, really good!
  3. Mendo
    Version: 0.9.2
    Works great, makes nice use of the page to easily put some content up there!