[WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover

[WMTech] Exif Location Data Remover 1.0.2

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Q: Why can't I see exif information from all attachments in ACP?
A: The link to see exif information is shown only at attachments where any exif information was included and has been removed by our add-on (if you have not disabled the storage in the options).

Q: I use Sonnb XenGallery. Does it work with your add-on?
A: Sonnb XenGallery does not use the default XenForo attachment system and therefore does not get in contact with our add-on. It also provides a switch to delete all original files with their meta data automatically which you want to enable to protect your users. This is why we do not need to remove any meta data from files upoaded with Sonnb XenGallery. You can install and use our add-on and Sonnb XenGallery together without any problems.

Q: I use a special add-on collecting info from the hidden meta exif data in uploaded images. Will it still work after installing your add-on?
A: We took special care to let our add-on kick in the last possible moment before uploaded images are written to disk. This is why almost all special add-ons collecting exif data will still work as expected even with our add-on installed. But the image on the disk will be written without exif data. So if your special add-on has a feature to rebuild (recollect) exif data from stored images, this feature won't work. But it is very easy to make any special add-on working with our exif cache to collect information from there. Ask us for a quote or ask the programmer of the other add-on to change a few lines of code to make it work.

First Aid after any problems:
Q: My forum is broken after installing an addon. What should I do now?
A: Deinstall or deactivate the addon and ask for help. If you cannot reach the XenForo ACP any more, login to your web server and add the following piece of code to library/config.php:
$config['enableListeners'] = false;
This will disable all addons and enable you to get access to the ACP again where you will be able to deinstall the problematic addon.
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