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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.5
CC Att 4.0 Int
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6 Months
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By default Xenforo structure does not display threads from a child forum (or sub-forum) under its parent forum. At WebmasterServe several parent forums are closed and do not allow threads to be created in them, instead threads are to be created in specific child forums. But while browsing the parent forum, instead of showing just the child forums and zero threads, this add-on gathers threads from its child (sub-forums) and grand-child forums (sub-sub-forums) and displays them in the parent forum below the list of child forums.

For example, if a forum structure is like this:

  • Main Category (This is a category not a forum)
    • Web Design (forum)
    • Web Programming (forum)
    • Web Marketplace (XF by default - only displays threads from Web Marketplace)
      • Website Sales
      • Domain Sales (XF by default - only displays threads from Domain Sales)
        • Cheap Domains
        • Premium Domains
Add-On Functionality:
Using this add-on, the forum administrator can select which Parent forums will also gather and display threads from its child/sub forums including sub-forums of the sub-forums.

Please refer to the example forum structure above: In that example by default Xenforo will not show threads from Website Sales and Domain Sales when browsing Web Marketplace forum. And by default Xenforo will not show threads from Cheap Domains and Premium Domains when browsing the Domain Sales forum. To customize this functionality, use the [WMS] Cascading Thread Listings add-on which can change this functionality to be:

[WMS] Cascading Thread Listings add-on will show threads from Website Sales forum, Domain Sales forum, Cheap Domains forum and Premium Domains forum when browsing the Web Marketplace forum. And [WMS] Cascading Thread Listings add-on will show threads from Cheap Domains forum and Premium Domains forum when browsing the Domain Sales forum.

Admin Settings in this Xenforo add-on:
[WMS] Cascading Thread Listings allows admins to select which forums should have this custom functionality, no other settings are required. The Xenforo add-on options page for administrators is used to set this functionality.


Back up your forum files and database which is a best practice with any installation. Try to test it on a development environment if you have one instead of installing on a live forum.

This add-on DOES NOT support any third party installers, to install please use the default Xenforo method of uploading the files by FTP. Use the XML file to perform the installation.

Xenforo Versions:
Officially support Xenforo version 1.5x
If you have an older version you can still use this add-on, open a support ticket if you have issues. Full money back is guaranteed if the add-on fails to perform on your Xenforo version other than version 1.5x

Unmaintained & Unsupported

Branding Removal:
All free add-ons have a footer branding link which cannot be altered or removed in any way. Altering or removing the footer link violates the terms for downloading, installing and using this add-on on any Xenforo installation.
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