[WMS] Hide Signatures based on Days Since Last Login or Last Post

Unmaintained [WMS] Hide Signatures based on Days Since Last Login or Last Post 1.0

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By default Xenforo only allows admins to permit or restrict users based on their user groups or usernames from creating and using Signatures on the forum. As with any forum, some members join the forum just to post a signature link and then never visit the forum again. Too many signatures create a distraction on a thread, instead of creating obstacles for active members in creating and using a signature, one way to avoid this signature-noise on threads is to hide signatures of members who have not posted for x number of days or have not logged in for x number of days.

This also creates an incentive for members to login regularly and/or post regularly on the forum - increase forum activity, reduce signature noise with this add-on. Admin also has ability to hide/never hide signatures of selected user groups - for example allow Premium members to show their signatures even if they do not login every x number of days or do not post every x number of days.

[WMS] Hide Signatures add-on functionality:
Add-on hides signatures of members based on number of days since they logged in and number of days since they posted on the forum. This can be enabled or disabled by the admin, including the option to disable this "hiding of signatures" for certain user groups like Premium members or Senior members of your forum.

Admin Settings in this Xenforo add-on:
[WMS] Hide Signatures - Custom Xenforo Addon allows forum admins to set the number of days since last login and number of days since last post for hiding signatures. In addition, admins can also select certain user groups which should have the above functionality or user groups which should be excluded from the above functionality - for example admin may choose to disable this functionality for Premium Member user group to show their signatures irrespective of whether they logged in or posted on the forum within the number of days set by the admin.


Back up your forum files and database which is a best practice with any installation. Try to test it on a development environment if you have one instead of installing on a live forum.

This add-on DOES NOT support any third party installers, to install please use the default Xenforo method of uploading the files by FTP. Use the XML file to perform the installation.

Xenforo Versions:
Officially support Xenforo version 1.5x
If you have an older version you can still use this add-on, open a support ticket if you have issues. Full money back is guaranteed if the add-on fails to perform on your Xenforo version other than version 1.5x

Unmaintained & Unsupported
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