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[WMS] Cascading Thread Listings - Display threads from sub-forums and sub-forums of the sub-forums in the parent forum. Admin options.

By default Xenforo structure does not display threads from a child forum (or sub-forum) under its parent forum. At WebmasterServe several parent forums are closed and do not allow threads to be created in them, instead threads are to be created in specific child forums. But while browsing the parent forum, instead of showing just the child forums and zero threads, this add-on gathers threads from its child (sub-forums) and grand-child forums (sub-sub-forums) and displays them in the parent...

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@Cylent1 There is no way this functionality can be captured in a screenshot. It pretty much just aggregates threads from child forums and shows them in their parent forum. Instead of a screenshot I would say look at this parent forum http://www.webmasterserve.com/webmaster-forums/search-engines-and-ad-networks.336/ all the threads displayed for that forum are actually threads from its sub-forums, by default these would not be shown here, but this add-ons shows the child forum threads in this forum instead of showing zero threads.

That parent forum is closed for posting (does not allow threads) and has zero threads under it, all threads shown there are from its child forums, hope that makes sense!
Is there a way to get the subforums to display out on the category listing page. For Example

--Region 1
--Region 2
--Region 3
-- Region 4

Then if someone clicks the "Marketplace" category and they're taken to the category view where the subforums are listed, I'd like to show all the threads from those forums below the subforums :D

Thanks for any help
Would it be possible for Categories to function the same way as the parent forums and show a discussion list of everything from the forums in those categories?
Found a bug. I have the number of threads per page set to 15. When I view the first page of results from this addon, it shows 88 threads. Page 2+ work fine and show only 15.
since this is unmaintained is there any alternative addon for this to show threads from subforums in main forum?
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