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Unmaintained Widget Portal 1.0.5

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Widget Portal Beta Release

This add-on is a portal for xenForo. Based off of discussions here.
Demo: (Coming soon)


  • [Portal] Home Page /home
  • [Portal] Available as root node / (ie. you can run your portal from
  • [Portal] Article View for Specific Forums
  • [Widget] Carousel
  • [Widget] Recent Threads Widget for Specific Forums
How to:
  • To administer the portal first set your options in the admin.
  • Configure height / width
    •{your style here}/style-properties&group=widgetportal
  • Add widgets to the portal
    • There's 4 placement options
      • Featured (Above the Left Sidebar and Main Content)
      • Left Sidebar
      • Main Content
      • Right Sidebar
Carousel Widget:
  • You'll want to make sure you add the "Frontend Configuration Widget" to your sidebar as that allows you to edit the carousel's contents. (Next version I'll check and do this automatically.)
  • Also you'll need to set the can edit carousel permission and add your user group.
  • Automatically pulls the first image. Use Frontend Widget to configure.
Recent Threads Widget:
  • Configuration is done when adding the widget. Choose the type of threads to display and where to place it.
Please report any bugs or issues here.

=== FAQ ===
Q. Why can't I edit what is in the carousel?
A. Check that you have added the "Frontend Configuration Widget" to your sidebar and added "Allow" to the can edit carousel permission. This it be automatically added in the future.

=== Next version ===
  • Detect that Widget Framework is installed. Fail install if it doesn't exist.
  • Detect if Route Changer is enabled and disable/enable portal in root option within Widget Portal option screen.
  • Add Widgets to non-sidebar positions other than on the Portal page. IE forum-home, forums, thread list, threads. (This can be done using the hook locations in Widget Framework. Add settings to dropdown to support this.)
Carousel Widget
  • Auto add/remove configuration widget when carousel widget is added/removed.
=== Requested features ===

  • Drag and Drop or page layout options in admin making the layout of widgets in the backend more visual.
Landing Pages
[Recent Threads Widget]
  • Promote Threads (All threads would have a "promote" button pushing the thread to the front page. The sort order would be by promote date, not publish date.
  • Promoted Threads gain Article Look and Feel. Suggested Here
  • Promote Threads Summary Input (Thread summary, used on portal instead of thread text)
  • Promote Threads Poll (If promoted thread has a poll display it)
  • Add Prefix to Promoted Threads. Prefix specified in Admin. Suggested here.
  • Add different display options for threads. Specified here.
[Replica of xenPorta's carousel]
  • Reproduce the Look and Feel of xenPorta's carousel.
[Responsive Carousel Widget]
[PostId Widget]
  • Specify post ids to display the first post's content.
[Magazine Thread Display]
  • Displays in a magazine type layout. Recommended here
  • Administration would be like the carousel with the threads being manually selected.
=== Resolved Feature Requests ===

  • "Watch" the Article Forums (Alerted to threads in article forums - see xfrocks [bd] forum watch) [Would likely make a better addon to forum watch.]
  • Article Sections (Since xenforo already uses categories, I'll use section. Threads within the Article forums should have the ability to add a section. There should be a section list page displaying all sections and section page displaying all threads within that section. ) [XenTag should meet the needs of categories.]
[XenTags Widget]
  • Displays recent threads from specified tags. [See XenTag, it includes a WF widget for this. May need to be styled differently.]
Facebook Widget
Twitter Widget
=== Screenshots ===

First release
Last update


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    Issues fixed: Portal helper wasn't merging arrays properly. Widgetportal.css was declaring a...
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Latest reviews

In terms of the front-end, this portal is really good - Widget Framework + a front page is a fabulous idea, and executed well. Unfortunately, it loses a star due to the admin interface being somewhat unpolished, which makes it quite difficult to get around. If that were improved in a future version, I would happily add the fifth star.
Thanks! It'll be better in a future version.
This is very very good. Harnesses the power of the Widget Framework to be able to build a Portal Home Page for your site. You can now create pretty splash home page for your site fetching content from your site!

Thanks Simbolo!
Thanks for the review rodrigotello
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