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Unmaintained Admin Extras 1.0.1b

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This add-on adds an additional template called EXTRA.css and an extra.js file to the admin side of the site only.

The purpose being to add customization to the admin without modifying the core admin templates.

Install like any other add-on; upload the files to the correct directories and import the xml.

There's one additional option which allows you to increment the cache buster on the files.

Thanks goes out to Naatan and his resource Template Syntax as this Listener is based on that one.
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Latest updates

  1. Updates the listener to add extra.css to all admin pages

    This updates includes two items. The extra.css now includes the css to make the editor full...
  2. Removed extra extra.js file

    Removed extra extra.js file.
  3. Updating js location

    Updating js location

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Great, installing now, can't wait to put this to big use.
Great! Let me know if there's anything else to add.
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