Who Replied

Unmaintained Who Replied 1.6.0

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This updates were developed by @Xon . If you are using XenForo 2, please go to this version of Who Replied.

  • Add username filtering/searching to "Who Replied?" dialog.
  • Ensure stable sorting when paging through the result set
  • Setup default permissions on registered usergroup on first install
  • Remove permissions when uninstalled
  • Display more profile information (support Post Ratings)
  • Display "Start conversation link" if privacy options permit
  • Only render search link if the user is permitted to search.
  • Ensure search link generates a date sorted search
Checkout the source code at: https://github.com/Fuhrmann/xenforo-who-replied
- Fix pagination support
- Resolve FireFox compatibility issue
- Fix issue where overlay fails to load due to javascript error

As always, thanks to @Xon, @jrahmy and a special thanks to @maitikeisi for help testing too.
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Add pagination support
Minor code cleanup

Thanks to @jrahmy and @Xon on Github for maintaining this project.
New - Add Who Replied link to thread-tools in a thread (thanks @Xon)
Performance Update, thanks to @Xon!
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Put permission support back in.
Add forum to the breadcrumb.
Migrated from template hooks and post processing to Template Modification System. Catches watched threads, new posts views for free.
Fixed links back to thread from the Who Replied Page.

Thanks @Xon!

### This addon is open source, please visit the GitHub page if you want to contribute.
- Added a new permission under the Forum Permission Group: "View Who Replied:", this permission works per forum node
- Make use of Event Hints on Code Event listener to increase performance
- Changed template post render "find_new_threads" to "find_new_posts"
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- Added a link to show all the posts from a user within the thread
- Added the same behavior of the forum thread list to the 'What's new' section
- Fixed regex problem with arabic characters
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