Who Replied

Unmaintained Who Replied 1.6.0

No permission to download
Great add-on and great support! Thank you very much for maintaining these add-ons and fixing any issues that arise! :)
This feature is missed by my vbulletin members. It works for latest XF 1.5.11. Flawlessly. I just need to change permission from usergroups to make anyone able to use it.
Perfect, especially for a free addon. Have had many forum users asking for this since shifting from vBulletin and it does exactly what they wanted.
Thanks! Glad you liked!
Found this little gem today. Straightforward functionality which IMHO should be in the Xenforo Core. Lovely work and thank you for sharing this with the public! Keep up the good work!
Hey, nice! Thanks you for the words!
As described!
Perfect :)
Works well, does not add extra queries to forum index. Thanks for sharing this!
Works great, thanks! Just like good old vB3!
Works Perfectly, Thank You.
Very nice indeed, a useful little addon :)
Very nice work as always! Keep up the good work Fuhrmann.
Great Add-on. Works very good for me now.
Just what the doctor ordered! This looks way better than the who replied box for vB3.
Thanks DRE! Good to know! :)