Warning Acknowledgement

Unmaintained Warning Acknowledgement 1.2.11

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  • Fix that whitelisting a node for creating a thread did not work as expected
  • Fix add-on conflict with Warning Improvements breaking the preview button for the Warning Acknowledgement text
  • More aggressive cache expiry when it looks like the user may be coming from a stale page.
  • Instead of a no-permission error, on trying to acknowledge an unacknowledged warning, a better error message is returned.
  • Fix warning acknowledgement user note preview display bug
    • {url} was not being replaced properly resulting in http://http:// links being generated.
  • Fix acknowledging warnings on deleted/merged content
  • Reduce the number of queries for retrieving pending warning notices
  • Append warning phrase information to warning notices
  • Report Improvement's logging reply-bans to reports compatibility
  • Prevent SQL error if a user manages to acknowledge the same warning multiple times.
  • Fix adding new warnings
  • Add user group change when a warning acknowledgement is required and remove it after it is accepted.
  • User note preview.
  • Per-warning ability to suppress regular notices, with a global default.
  • Allow default text for Warning Acknowledgement user notes;
    • Warned content:
      • {title}
      • {content}
      • {url}
    • Warning:
      • {warning_title}
      • {warning_link}
      • {warning_points}
    • User receiving the warning:
      • {name}
      • {user_id}
    • Staff issuing the warning:
      • {staff}
      • {staff_user_id}
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  • Fix "Undefined index: node_id" when a user can't access a forum
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