[UW] Smileys Bar

[UW] Smileys Bar 2.0.0

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🔹 introducing
A magnifier button on the right side of the Smileys Bar, when selected (in blue colour), will insert xF stock emojis into the text editor in max size, and that is 64px.


After a page reload, the button will deselect automatically, or press the button again to deselect it.

You can have smaller size, if you want, it is admin configurable:


And it has also user group permission so you can allow this only for a user group of your choice:


In the admin you have also the option to turn off this feature. And if you keep it turned on, you can give the end user the option to let him turn it off, if he wants.


🔹The structure of Smileys Bar has been reworked to better accommodate future updates.

🔹spacing for custom smileys adjusted to support top and bottom.

❗If you have an older version, it needs to be reinstalled.❗
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This version was dedicated especially to those with large custom smileys.

🔹Added option in the admin to set the size and spacing of the custom smiley images in the smileys menu.

In the admin area, for each category of smileys you can set different dimensions and different spacing between images:


Example. While the stock XF emojis keep their default size and spacing, the animated images below have their size set to 78x44px with spacing of 5px:


We took the extra mile to make this add-on work great for custom smileys. You can set a specific size and spacing for each of your custom smileys category. Sample on a dark theme:

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🔹option in the admin to remove the stock categories from the smileys menu

Some forum admins use just their own custom smileys. They don't use at all the stock XF categories. But in order to see their own custom categories, this option (Setup->Options->Messages->Show emoji in smilie menu ) had to be checked:


So from this version it is no more needed to have that option checked. You can uncheck it and you still will see your custom categories, without the stock emoji categories.

And if you don't have any custom categories, you will see there only the search bar. And even the search bar you can remove from there (this add-on has a setting for that in the admin area), since you don't have too many smileys, it is not really necessary, so then it might look like this:

🔹option to allow the admin and end users to move the "Recently used" into the smileys menu with category name Recent.

Some forum admins use many kinds of flashy, animated, extra oversized images as smileys. And for some users, to see all the time in the text editor these bulky flashy images might be irritating. So now the admin has the option to move "Recently used" from the Smileys Bar, to the smileys menu. And keep in the Smileys Bar only static smileys. Or the admin can let the user to decide whether he wants to move the "Recently used" down or not. This is how it looks in admin area:

This is how it looks for the user in preferences when you check the option for the user to decide whether to move the recently used down , or not:


This is how it looks when recently used are moved down to the smileys menu (also notice that only custom categories are there without the XF stock emoji categories):


🔸For some styles the "x" for the search bar was not visible, so this was updated.

🔸selector in uw_smileys_bar.less changed
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  • In smartphones, when the BBcode was turned off, the Smileys Bar didn't close. So this was fixed.
  • The phrase for Smileys Bar text was added: uw_smileys_bar
Some small bug fixes (for the text editor in the admin area, the Smileys Bar was empty) and mostly just a maintenance update. This is already feature complete and a stable version.
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A new feature added. Now when the BB code is turned off, also the Smileys Bar turns off. After the BB code is turned on again, also the Smileys Bar has to be turned on again.
  • Issues with right Smileys Bar arrow fixed. Right arrow was again appearing even if not needed. So this was fixed.
  • Smileys from Custom categories were not appearing in the Recently used. So this was fixed too.
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  • All custom categories now appear in the smileys menu between the stock categories but not in the Smileys Bar.

This will also improve the performance. The purpose of the Smileys Bar is to show only some of the most common smileys. The rest should go to the smileys menu. And the frequent one in the Smileys Bar can easily be moved to sprite image which will further improve the performance situation.

There is however an option to add any smiley from any custom category to the Smileys Bar:

By default, in the Smileys Bar, will be included whatever smileys are in the category "Uncategorised smilies" and Recently used.

Also during the import process you have the option to check to show a smiley in the Smileys Bar.

- You can control the order of the smileys in the Smileys Bar via the display order number:


  • Force Open the Smileys Bar
In Setup -> Options -> Smileys Bar you can now set the option that will keep the Smileys Bar open for the users all the time by default. So if someone turns off the Smileys Bar, after a page refresh the bar will be back.

Edits made to the code so that Smileys Bar works well in any text editor, even from other add-ons.
The thing is that there are forums with many other add-ons that contains also their own text editor. Now even on those text editors Smileys Bar works well. Already tested on several other add-ons such as XF Resources, some DragonByte text editors, XenAddons text editors, 8WAYRUN text editors....

Smileys Bar for text editor in DragonByte add-on:

  • Added compatibility with the add-on, Editor & BB Code Manager.
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