[UW] Smileys Bar

[UW] Smileys Bar 1.4

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  • Issues with right Smileys Bar arrow fixed. Right arrow was again appearing even if not needed. So this was fixed.
  • Smileys from Custom categories were not appearing in the Recently used. So this was fixed too.
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  • All custom categories now appear in the smileys menu between the stock categories but not in the Smileys Bar.

This will also improve the performance. The purpose of the Smileys Bar is to show only some of the most common smileys. The rest should go to the smileys menu. And the frequent one in the Smileys Bar can easily be moved to sprite image which will further improve the performance situation.

There is however an option to add any smiley from any custom category to the Smileys Bar:

By default, in the Smileys Bar, will be included whatever smileys are in the category "Uncategorised smilies" and Recently used.

Also during the import process you have the option to check to show a smiley in the Smileys Bar.

- You can control the order of the smileys in the Smileys Bar via the display order number:


  • Force Open the Smileys Bar
In Setup -> Options -> Smileys Bar you can now set the option that will keep the Smileys Bar open for the users all the time by default. So if someone turns off the Smileys Bar, after a page refresh the bar will be back.

Edits made to the code so that Smileys Bar works well in any text editor, even from other add-ons.
The thing is that there are forums with many other add-ons that contains also their own text editor. Now even on those text editors Smileys Bar works well. Already tested on several other add-ons such as XF Resources, some DragonByte text editors, XenAddons text editors, 8WAYRUN text editors....

Smileys Bar for text editor in DragonByte add-on:

  • Added compatibility with the add-on, Editor & BB Code Manager.
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  • On the Smileys Bar and also on smileys menu were missing left and right borders in some themes. There was no problem with the default theme but now we included more themes where it will work, including UI.X.

  • In categories bar there was a right arrow even when not needed. Fixed.
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In IOS devices, Safari browser there was a problem to turn on/off Smileys Bar button. Should be fixed now.

Also there was a design problem with the smileys menu button. Should be fixed too.
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