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[UW] Smileys Bar 1.4

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Smileys Bar for text editor allows faster, easier access to the smileys without covering the text area.

No more covered text when trying to insert a smiley!

Smileys Bar brings the whole XF smileys default functionality to the next level. The main purpose of this add-on is to add to the bottom of the text editor a bar with the most common, most used smileys (Recently used, XF default smileys) that are always visible so you have fast, easy and convenient access to them and without covering the text area.


This add-on is installed on the developer's website here, so you can check it out on a life website: https://ultraweb.co/threads/new-testing-thread.17/post-192

Or see this demo video:


1.) Turns on/off the Smileys Bar - in the admin under Options you can activate this add-on. Once activated, clicking this smiley icon turns on the Smileys Bar. Once turned on, it will stay turned on until you turn it off clicking this smiley icon.
  • Force Open the Smileys Bar
In Setup -> Options -> Smileys Bar you can set the option that will keep the Smileys Bar open for the users all the time by default. So if someone turns off the Smileys Bar, after a page refresh the bar will be back.

2.) Recently used smileys on the left of the separator and XF default smileys on the right.

3.) Turns on/off the smileys menu.

4.) Smileys Bar - contains Recently used smileys on the left of the separator and XF default smileys on the right.
- in the admin under Content -> Smilies, you can add, hide, move, sort or even replace the smileys in the Smileys Bar with your own, custom smileys.


The rest of the categories is in the smileys menu (#7) below.

5.) categories bar - links with faster access to the the particular category.

6.) search bar - in the admin, under options, you can turn off this bar. The x next to the search bar closes found smileys.

7.) smileys menu - works similar way as WhatsApp web. In the admin, under options, you can set up how tall this menu you want to have.


- you can also hide the smileys menu with the standard Xf feature in Setup -> Options -> Messages


  • all custom categories appear in the smileys menu between the stock categories but not in the Smileys Bar.

There is however an option to add any smiley from any custom category to the Smileys Bar:

By default, in the Smileys Bar, will be included whatever smileys are in the category "Uncategorised smilies" and Recently used.

Also during the import process you have the option to check to show a smiley in the Smileys Bar.

You can control the order of the smileys in the Smileys Bar via the display order number:

  • This add-on is compatible with the add-on, [UW] Forum Comments System.​
  • This add-on has been made also compatible with the add-on, Editor & BB Code Manager.​

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Latest updates

  1. some issues fixed

    Issues with right Smileys Bar arrow fixed. Right arrow was again appearing even if not needed...
  2. Custom categories moved to smileys menu. Force Open the Smileys Bar

    All custom categories now appear in the smileys menu between the stock categories but not in the...
  3. Support for all text editors

    Edits made to the code so that Smileys Bar works well in any text editor, even from other...

Latest reviews

BEAUTIFUL work! This was exactly what I was visualizing when installing the add-on. Thank you for the unparalleled support!
Thanks a lot for such a great review. Much appreciated.
This is a really nice feature that IMHO makes using smilies on mobile a lot easier :love:

I would'nt mind having this in stock XenForo.
Thank you very much for the great review. I appreciate it. I also would like having this in stock XF. :)
Many thanks for this is a great add on. I and my users really like it. Easy installation and use. New smileys bar works much more effective than XF default one. It makes access easier, does not cover text area and loads faster. Customer support is also excellent. He responses you so quick and try to find a solution as soon as possible. Looking forward to seeing more from this developer in the future.
Thanks a lot for the great review. Much appreciated.