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  1. D

    XF 2.1 How place custom field below title on text editor ?

    have located the template containing the text editor ( name : editor ) but I'm not able to locate the code snippet that belongs to custom field. <xf:css src="editor.less" /> <xf:if is="$fullEditorJs"> <xf:js src="vendor/froala/froala-compiled.full.js, xf/editor.js" /> <xf:else />...
  2. Vekseid

    Duplicate Froala WYSIWYG editor deletes newline when deleting only character of a paragraph.

    So if I have a sentence, with a letter: a And I delete or backspace 'a', it will either remove the previous or next newline along with it. My forum is a writing forum and this is annoying one of my users to no end.
  3. CMTV

    Unmaintained Math 3.1.0

    Description This addon will turn all LaTeX math on your forum to a fancy, sharp and scalable math! It also adds the "Insert math" button to an editor that greately simplifies the process of adding math to your messages, threads, pages and so on. It also works with xenForo AJAX (loading content...
  4. Digital Doctor

    Lack of interest Text editor overlay options, that go away when clicked.

    From Reddit Lots of options. - Could say Happy Birthday if it's your birthday. - Could Remind you to Read the FAQ. - Could say Happy Hallowe'en. - Could say ......
  5. Lamp

    Unmaintained How to add webfonts to your XenForo forum so that they work in the text editor

    There is an issue with the Redactor rich text editor used for editing posts. Webfonts linked in the XenForo site don't work in it. The problem is because it uses an iFrame, which is a separate environment and doesn't have access to the loaded webfonts in the main frame. The solution to this is...
  6. Webby

    XF 1.5 User Can't See Text Editor

    Hi all, One of my users is having trouble using his/her text editor. See the below link for screenshots of the issue posted by the user. http://www.americanmilitaryforum.com/forums/threads/suggest-smileys.108/#post-6377 Could this be something in their settings? Thanks.
  7. D

    Lack of interest MS Word paste fix

    Hi, I like to write articles. It is easy and convenient to prepare them on MS Word. But, when we are copying text from Word to Xenforo's Text Editor, it inserts additional empty lines on every line. Maybe, it will be easy to add, for instance, some button on Editor's panel for clearing the...
  8. A

    XF 1.5 How to change vertical position of rich text editor in edit mode

    I get to edit a lot of messages. Each time I hit "Edit" I'm taken to this view: I want to change the vertical position of the browser window to start with the upper border of the text editor's tool bar once "Edit" has been hit: Can this be done by editing templates? If so, how?
  9. TheSupremePatriot

    Duplicate Text Editor - Glitchy

    Operating System : OS X | El Capitan Browsers Affected : Safari and Firefox Problem : Text Editor Glitches when Highlighting [When there is a large amount of text in the editor] This only happens if there is at least enough text to make the scroll bar on the text editor shrink to about...
  10. creativeforge

    Fixed Internet Explorer - text editor: lasso-select/drag and drop?

    Hi guys, Someone wrote me about an issue they have in Internet Explorer, which works perfectly in Firefox: Anyone heard of this? And a solution for the guy? Regards, Andre
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