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Unmaintained User Streams 1.0.0

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Allows users to specify their stream in their profile upon which the forum will check if their stream is live. If it is their stream will be shown in the sidebar.

By default this updates every half hour, you may want to adjust this depending on the size of your board. You can find a log of how long it took the cron to run in the root of your forum. The speed of the cron should never exceed the time taken for the cron to run, you'll end up with overlapping cron jobs and it will make the entire process halt and eventually bog down your server. The default update time of 30 minutes should be fine for most people.

Currently this only supports, I'll be looking to make improvements in the future. Also if you have any suggestions on improving my code let me know since I really need to get better at coding outside of the basic things I've done in the past.

Note: If you installed the previous version of this uninstall it before installing this, I did not implement version checks and you'll get errors when trying to install this version.

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