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User Streams 1.0.0

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Renari submitted a new resource:

User Streams (version 1.0.0) - Shows a sidebar with users current live streams.

Allows users to specify their stream in their profile upon which the forum will check if their stream is live. If it is their stream will be shown in the sidebar.

By default this updates every half hour, you may want to adjust this depending on the size of your board. You can find a log of how long it took the cron to run in the root of your forum. The speed of the cron should never exceed the time taken for the cron to run, you'll end up with overlapping cron jobs and it will make the...

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Thanks for the contribution! Anyway of possibly making it compatible with widget framework?


I haven't updated this in a long while, if I get some free time I'll look into rewriting it, that said without any information about what errors you may have gotten I can't try to help you.

oO5 Dynasty

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sorry i already uninstalled the add-on and deleted the error logs. But hey i would def love to use this add-on if you do get a chance to rewrite it.