User/Inbox/Alert Icon Replacement

Unmaintained User/Inbox/Alert Icon Replacement

Just added this code and this looks incredible! Using images to the left of the wording. Thank you so much!
Awesome enhancement - added it to my site and looks absolutely fantastic.
Great one!
Awesome! :)
Easy to follow changes, excellent resource. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.
Got this working on my site. Looks greeeeaaaaat!
This is brilliant, thanks so much for sharing :)
Love it!
Nice write up and a great visual enhancement.
This is an awesome little tweak. This way it not just looks cool, but I can have more items in navtab too :)
This is a very cool idea Sheldon... implemented on my main forum.
Excellent! Like it very very much.

Thank you!
Excellent modification! I added the icons next to its associated text on mine. Looks superb!
Thank you! This has been very helpfull.
Good work :D
Excellent add-on i found out the problem i was having from my board wasnt your add-on it was the icon next to your name add-on that was pushing all of the links/images to the right of the page. Your add-on it awesome.
excellent, it makes navigation much better on mobile devices
Awesome, thanks!
Very nice addition, thanks :).
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