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  1. Live Free

    XF 1.5 Suspected Template Modification or Permissions Issue for Custom Add-On (stuck)

    Hey guys, I’m seeking help regarding what I believe to be a template modifications issue, but may be something else. I have a custom add-on that applies per-user and per-node permissions for thread privacy, providing the option to 1) do nothing and leave the thread public, 2) restrict to...
  2. Los

    XF 1.5 Showing an ad in all views except thread view

    Hello all, I am using XF 1.5.7, and have an Amazon ad (Shop related Products) that I've placed in the ad_below_content template. It fits the look of theme, I feel it generally looks unobtrusive. I just placed an ad in the ad_thread_view_below_messages, and do not think it looks good at all- too...
  3. Freelancer

    Trouble with video file attachments

    I extended the file attachment template to recognize if audio or video files are shown. It adds an html5 player and works great with MP3 audio attachments. Files can be played as an attachment. However I am not able to get .mp4 or any other video files to be shown. The player is displayed but...
  4. DevTech

    What in Ticket Support

    I want to ask that what is in the ticket support. Like if we are making template for our community or making changes in the templates and something went wrong and we are unable to fix that then is this kind of support also included in ticket support. And what other kind of supports are...
  5. DevTech

    Learn Theme Editing Xenforo

    As I a checking the demo version of the Xenforo found templates and view something new to me. As from past few months am working on mybb, so just very habitual of it. But now me and my team is planning to shift our forum on XF. Used demo and many things in ACP, everything we want and more will...
  6. sunnydaze

    XF 1.5 Where oh where is userBlurb that can be modified?

    Looked everywhere, searched ... found piles and piles of cool tips and info on user profile & member card ... can't find where the elements of userBlurb are assembled. There is no template named userBlurb showing how name, title, gender are put into one thing that is userBlurb.. Reviewed the...
  7. RichardKYA

    XF 1.5 Style e-mail elements

    Hello, I've styled all the e-mail templates, but I can't find where to edit and style the e-mail elements, quotes, etc. They still display as the XF default style... Where can I style these to match my custom style? Thank you
  8. Sheldon

    Unmaintained Favorites

    Very easy template modification combined with a custom user field to allow your users to set their "favorites". I can see this used on gaming forums, with the logo of their favorite game or character, a person noted they could add small images of books, a sports site with logos of teams...
  9. Sheldon

    Unmaintained Text Inside Breadcrumb

    Text Inside Breadcrumb Open template breadcrumb, Find: <a href="{xen:link misc/quick-navigation-menu, '', 'selected={$quickNavSelected}'}" class="OverlayTrigger jumpMenuTrigger" data-cacheOverlay="true" title="{xen:phrase open_quick_navigation}"><!--{xen:phrase jump_to}...--></a> After...
  10. Sheldon

    Unmaintained 2 In 1

    Combine 2 Into 1 Go into your templates to member_view: Find: <div class="mast"> <div class="avatarScaler"> <xen:if is="{$visitor.user_id} == {$user.user_id}"> <a class="Av{$user.user_id}l OverlayTrigger" href="{xen:link account/avatar}">...
  11. Sheldon

    Unmaintained User/Inbox/Alert Icon Replacement

    User/Inbox/Alert Icon Replacement Simple template modification to change the look of your visitor navigation tabs. First off, I decided to use Font Awesome, just seemed as easy to use as anything. So, in order to do that, go to the template PAGE_CONTAINER Find: <head> Insert After: <link...
  12. Sheldon

    Need Customization?

    Looking to liven up your installation? Not have enough money for a complete custom theme, but want something to differentiate your site from another using the same theme? I personally don't like creating an entire theme, but I like to individualize themes to match the site topic. If this is...
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