XF 1.5 Showing an ad in all views except thread view


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Hello all,

I am using XF 1.5.7, and have an Amazon ad (Shop related Products) that I've placed in the ad_below_content template. It fits the look of theme, I feel it generally looks unobtrusive. I just placed an ad in the ad_thread_view_below_messages, and do not think it looks good at all- too many ads.

Is there a way to edit the template to show ad_below_content EXCEPT the thread view?

In case I'm explaining this incorrectly, this is the current ad on the home page, and within the category views:

But you can see in this thread, that it looks WAY too busy with two ads:

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Thanks RoldanLT!

It too me a few tries to grasp the concept- I was initially trying to mess with the ad_thread_view_below_messages template. After a few minutes of mapping it out, it all made sense. I modified the ad_below_content and it worked great! :)
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