User Essentials

User Essentials 4.3.1

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  • Remove some unused old XF1 phrases
  • Update installer to use shared libraries used my my other add-ons.
    • Ensure the src/addons/SV/Utils folder is also uploaded! If it exists, just overwrite.
  • Mention tracking rebuild improvements
    • Speed up by reducing queries
    • Reduce long term memory usage
    • Allow multiple instances to be started via setting --type --start --end arguments
  • Update installer code
  • Add "[UserEss] Edit posts in own thread" permission
  • Minor code maintenance to confirm compatibility with upcoming "Collaborative Threads" add-on
  • Support upgrading from 2.0.7+ from 2.7.0+
  • Fix invalid table reference when viewing a thread
  • Properly package add-on to referenced renamed tables when queries are built
  • Fix edit title permission when "Separate thread title and post edit time limits" is set
  • Rename tables to have xf_sv_ prefix
    • If UTF8mb4 (ie full unicode mode) is set, run php cmd.php xf:convert-utf8mb4 after installing to ensure all tables are converted.
  • Fix profile posts/profile post comments not respecting the 'Display mini-avatars' option
This add-on is no longer in beta and can be considered feature complete and stable.

Changes from last beta:
  • Add checking for if alerts/email can be sent to a user for Username changes.
  • Avoid duplicate insert alerts for posts, profile posts & profile post comments when editing in mentions.
  • 'Send edited in mentions' feature flag
    • After running php cmd.php xf-rebuild:sv-mentions or "Rebuild content mentions" this flag will be enabled
  • Mention rebuild is now more robust, will resume from the last point across multiple runs.
  • GUI option "Rebuild content mentions"
  • Fix creating a user via admincp
  • When merging user A to User B, copy the existing ban from user A to User B if it is longer than User B's ban or User B is not banned.
  • Allow admin name changes to be created as private, with global option to control the default.
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