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User Essentials 4.3.1

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  • Fix current username not being mentioned in email about a username change
  • Improve 3rd party style compatibility for some template modifications
  • Fix that expired name change title changes left a transaction open if there was no work to be done
  • Fix approved email not stating the actual username being changed to
  • Initial XF2.1 compatibility update
  • Compatibility fix for upcoming Signup Abuse Detection & Blocking add-on
  • Increase limit on the number of mentions which can be tracked per post
  • Fix issue where users who can't opt-out of alerts for username changes approved by others are sent alerts
  • Generate a name change record on user-merge
    • Options to send notifications or to mark it as private
  • On user merge, reassign additional content which XF doesn't do by default;
    • Drafts/ thread read/forum read/custom user fields/dismissed notices
    • If the target user already has a record the old record is deleted, not merged.
  • Remove orphaned approval queue records
  • Tweak previous username display in admincp
  • Add additional indexes which can massively speed up deleting large number of users on a forum with large amounts of content.
    • Previous 3.1.3 didn't run the schema modification code when upgrading from 3.1.2
    • Equivalent of running;
      alter table xf_thread add index last_post_user_id (last_post_user_id);
      alter table xf_report add index last_modified_user_id (last_modified_user_id);
      alter table xf_warning add index warning_user_id (warning_user_id);
      alter table xf_conversation_master add index last_message_user_id( last_message_user_id);
      alter table xf_conversation_user add index last_message_user_id (last_message_user_id);
      alter table xf_tag_content add index add_user_id (add_user_id);
      alter table xf_moderator_log add index content_user_id (content_user_id);
  • Update installer
  • Add extra indexes for some tables to speed up user renaming
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