User Essentials

User Essentials 4.0.9

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  • Fix "Previous names" tab is visible when user doesn't have any username changes
  • Fix XF2.2+ support for "[UserESS] Create Poll" permission
  • Normalize 'user name' text to 'username' and tweak some phrases
  • Fix unexpectedly strict username history permission check (Effected v4.0.6 only)
  • Fix "Display previous username list to" option not applying as expected
  • Fix "Username change interval" being ignored when computing the next username change time based on the XF option "Minimum time between username changes"
  • Fix redundant 'preview' button being added to the signature editor
  • Fix username history permission check being inconsistent with adding the indicator that past username changes exist
    • Fix bad setup of username_date/username_date_visible fields, requires rebuilding for all users
  • Fixes for self-disable feature
    • Only apply disabled user check on public controllers
    • Fix notification of account was disabled not firing as expected
    • Fix disabled user not being disabled on next page-load after the account is disabled, and instead having to wait for the hourly cron-task to run
    • Fix admins manually completing a pending self-disable request
  • XF2.2.7+ compatibility; Prevent duplicate rename record on user merging
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  • Fix typo in method name causing error when merging users
  • Fix sending username change to moderators who shouldn't see the alerts (ie moderators who can't approve username changes)
  • Fix XF2.1 to XF2.2 username migration did not update username_date/username_date_visible columns
  • Fix username merging does not update username_date/username_date_visible columns when adding a username change record
  • On install, rebuild username_date/username_date_visible columns for user.
  • Add "Display mini-avatars in quotes" option to support displaying the mini-avatar in quotes, may require changes to quoting styling to fit the smallest user avatar (24x24 px)
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  • Fix additional username change alerts are not marked as owned by this add-on
  • Fix username change alerts are made when deleting user
  • Add support "contact name <>" finding relevent user(s) in admincp user search
  • Add support "contact name <>" finding relevent user(s) in admincp user search
  • Fix error when upgrading from older versions
  • Tweak user self-disable log's "completed" status phrase
  • Display readonly-list of user profile tags in member tooltip pop-up