Ultimate Ads

Unmaintained Ultimate Ads 2.0.1

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I went ahead and fixed a grammar error I had.

I also added a link to the FAQ for explanation on the default ad.
Okay, so bigger update than the previous ones. Are you ready? I hope so!

Thanks for all the feedback from everyone! I've implemented some of the ideas into the new update.
Now on a separate tab you can enable a custom ad for a specific location.
Also, I've added the option to remove branding. More information can be found in the main thread.
When I released 1.1.0, I was oblivious to some stuff with user groups. Brogan pointed out this flaw in my logic to me and I went ahead and went back to fix it.
I don't know why I didn't put this in the first version; but it's in there now.

Now you can check the groups that see the ads. If no groups are checked, all groups will see the ads.

Also, I fixed the footer. It didn't blend nicely in my last version so it's fixed now.