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TPU: Show Warning when bumping Old Threads 1.0.2

Display a warning when trying to bump an old thread

  1. W1zzard
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.4
    Visible Branding:
    This addon will display a warning when trying to reply to old threads.
    The warning can be be bypassed by checking a checkbox.
    No database changes, threads will not be set to "locked".

    The age cutoff defaults to 1 year, but can be adjusted via options.


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Recent Reviews

  1. adwade
    Version: 1.0.2
    This is such an essential add-on, to get users to 'notice' before they reply to just any thread. I re-worded our notice to read:

    This thread is more than x years old.
    So, previous particpants may no longer be on the board at this time. If it dealt with 'current' events, it no longer requires further comment.
    If not though, FEEL FREE to reply and bring the thread back into active discussion.

    To date, we have not had a single-thread brought back into live discussion by accident. This just works!
  2. VGWoody
    Version: 1.0.2
    Works perfect! This has definitely curved the problem of necro posting on my forums! Thanks for sharing!

    (I need more charactersssssssssssssssssssss)
  3. cherylferraro
    Version: 1.0.2
    Very useful for discouraging meaningless necroposting on my 15+ year old forums. It works well, I haven't seen any problems. Thank you for sharing this resource.
  4. ogirginc
    Version: 1.0.2
    I am really enjoying this add-on. The way it looks is much much better than the similar ones I have used before. Also, kudos for not having any visible branding! I highly recommend it!