Resources by W1zzard

TPU: Detect and Block Spam Registrations W1zzard
Score based tests to detect and block spammers upon registering
TPU: Deferred YouTube Embedding W1zzard
Unmaintained TPU: Deferred YouTube Embedding 1.0.0
Improves page loading performance for YouTube embeds
TPU: Show Warning when bumping Old Threads W1zzard
Display a warning when trying to bump an old thread
TPU: Disable Captcha for registration only W1zzard
Keeps captcha active for contact us and other pages, but disables it for registration.
TPU: Detect Spam Registrations (Javascript) W1zzard
Adds JavaScript detection methods to the base plugin
TPU: Add Signature Pictures W1zzard
Unmaintained TPU: Add Signature Pictures 1.0.0
Lets users upload images to use in their signature, like on vBulletin.
TPU: Find deleted Posts by User in Admincp W1zzard
Searches for all deleted posts by specified user
TPU: Add Spam Cleaner link to list of Moderated Threads W1zzard
Add Spam Cleaner link to list of Moderated Threads
TPU: Users can view their own warnings W1zzard
Enables users to view their own warnings.
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