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What does this add-on do?

The add-on allows users to search movies listed in TMDb ( and add them as a BB Code in any posts.

There has been several requests for having such add-on while @Snog's paid "TMDb Movie Thread Starter" add-on offers similar features, my version of the TMDb integration has mostly the same but few more different features to offer.

History & Credit

TMDb Integration was created by @xfrocks, who I hired, kindly allowed me to share it with the community.

Future Plans

I wish this add-on to be developed further, transformed into a movie portal, maybe a resource-manager like system with widgets, rating features and movie reviews. I have a detailed list of features already written.

This idea needs resources I currently don’t have, making it impossible for me to carry out alone. If you have use of such add-on, are enthusiastic about movies and like to see this become something more, please consider donating $$ towards this add-ons development. I’ll credit the names of those who have donated here in this thread and all donations will be spend towards this add-ons development.

Features in Overview:

  • Caching: The information is stored in the database for performance reasons. It's also periodically pruned and refreshed.
  • Admin Options: The API Key also defines which language the system is going to use, depending what setting you have saved in your account.
  • Cron Jobs: Updates the old data (deletes them periodically) to follow tmdb guidlines.
  • Style Properties: Some options to modify the height and with of the Movie BB CODE
  • Forum Permissions: Define which user is able to see the Movie Search field & use the TMDb system.
  • How it Looks Upon Thread Creation: When a use writes a string into the "Movie Search" field the movie is gathered and shown for the user to pick. When the user clicks on it, it creates the necessary movie information.
  • Embedd in Post: If you leave the Movie result in the field, the information is shown in the thread list. Mainly to benefit from the movie information you have to use it as a BB code inside the post.
  • Backdrops Slideshow: Wehn you click on the posters & posters a slideshow viewer is opened.
  • Thread List: Certain information can also be added to the thread list.
Screenshots or it didn't happen :)

a57j.webp eerj.webp npmv.webp o5v0.webp zek2.webp 7bgv.webp qb3e.webp qx8b.webp igco.webp sq7g.webp


Support is at the pleasure of @xfrocks. He may or may not provide bug fixes, feature implementations etc. Your donations will definitely be a factor solving bug fixes and adding more functionality.

I haven't been able to test it with 1.3.x, it should work but I'm not sure. If someone tests it and get back with the result, I can modify the resource to reflect it.

Every Tiny Bit Helps....

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This product uses the TMDb API
but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.
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Excellent, thanks! ;)
Seems to be working well with 1.3.0 RC1. Definitely a great addition to a community, truly appreciate it.
Glad it's working for you and thank you for the review.
Very cool feature. Thank you very much for this addon You rock.
Thank you for the review (:
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