Unmaintained TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED) 0.7.1

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Version 0.5 released
  • Fast overlay popup for all XenForo buttons except the color picker
To update:use Chris Auto Installer or upload files and import product

This option has been included in that addon and not the TinyMCE Enhancements because this fix addon was already modifying a XenForo TinyMCE Javascript file.

If you consider to use that addon and this fast overlay option, I'm asking you a contribution, even a small one.

Version 0.43 released
  • Compatible with the Addon Installer of Chris
  • TinyMCE update to the last version (TinyMCE 3.5.8)
    This official release will not directly fix these bugs:
    1. #5580
    2. #5581
    3. #5582
    4. #5605
    5. #5608

    • some of the above bugs have been patched inside this distribution: 5580, 5605 & 5608
    • the main TinyMce Javascript has been patched to make it compatible with XenForo (bug 5580 + problem with the design mode of "Firefox": see here and here)
  • Plugins directory already have been updated using those from the TinyMCE Enhancements addon. He will avoid those who are using this addon to upload files again.
To update: use the Addon Installer or upload files on server and import xml file​
If you're upgrading from an old version of this addon, do not forget to update the guilty tags list: left,center,right,b,i,u,s,font,color,size
Version 0.42 released
> Main regex of the pre parser has been fixed
> The pre-parser option is now uncheck by default. I let you check it and test it on one of your message with a complex layout (inside the editor TinyMCE=>BbCode=>TinyMCE) to verify it doesn't mess up anything

To update: upload files and import XML file

Don't forget to update the guilty tags list:
EDIT: Please uncheck the preparser option
Version 0.41 released

Sorry for the two users who downloaded the 0.4. I just want to update a small portion of code.
For these two, just update this file:
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EDIT: Please uncheck the preparser option
Version 0.4 released
  • Regex for guilty tags changed (support tag with options now)
  • Pre-parser created (a nightmare to code, but it should fix a lot problems)
To update:
  1. upload files (only libraries if you don't want to waste time)
  2. import xml file
  3. update the guilty tags list with those:
As I said in one post, those fixes take too much time to support. If you see an error and it's quickly fixable, I will do it, otherwise, just uncheck these options: "The Pollution effect" & "pre-parser".

P.S: I try to make the code for the pre-parser the most readable as I can (even if it's all in regex). If another coder want to update it, fell free to do it.
Version 0.32 released
  • Works now with Opera (Javascript File has been minified with YUI compressor - the one used by TinyMCE)
  • Works now with Internet Explorer 7 & 8 (TinyMCE source has been modified - I can't be sure my fix is the best one, but what I know is it's working now - see submitted bug here)
To update: upload all files
Version 0.31 released
Regex for the "Pollution effect" has been finished to write :rolleyes: (sorry)
To update: just upload files (only the library if you want to upload faster)
Version 0.3 released

Modifications List:
  1. The regex for "The Pollution effect" bug has been modified. It should now work as intended. The tags that must be cleaned can be modified easily, but don't do it unless you are told to.
  2. The regex callbacks should now work (I've asked twice, but nobody confirmed me)
  3. The archive now includes the last version of TinyMCE (3.5.7) which has been modified to make it compatible with XenForo
  4. The XenForo theme for TinyMCE has been slightly modified to fix the Autoresize function for the overlay (xenforo_elastic tinyMCE plugin) with the new version of TinyMCE.
    The only difference should be with Webkit browsers (Chrome, Safari): when editing a message the overlay window size will be fixed with an overscroll.
  5. You can now, if you want to, activate TinyMCE with mobile devices (tested with Apples devices on OS5 & OS6 => it's working). I don't think old devices with old OS will work. It's your decision to activate it or not.
  6. You can also choose to load TinyMCE only on tablets (requires an external addon).
  7. Mobiles devices should not use TinyMCE and the overlay editing function (the caret position can't be controlled). An option is there to disable it.
  8. The archive contains the XenForo original TinyMCE files if you want to revert.
To install/update: upload all files, import XenForo xml file and READ carefully the instructions inside the options.
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Version 0.2 released
The Pollution effect Bug -duplicates Bb codes per line in Standard Editor- (seems to be) fixed
See bug description here