Unmaintained TinyMCE Fix (NO MORE SUPPORTED) 0.7.1

No permission to download
Thanks for the quick fixed.
Great support!
Great resource
Excellent add-on. Does what it claims to do and does it well.
work great ^^
Very glad someone is giving this part of XF attention, thanks! Been using this for a few months now and haven't experienced any issues.
The latest update fixed arguably the longest-standing and most annoying interface issue that XenForo had. A must for anyone who uses the WYSIWYG editor!
So excited to watch this get updated. Waiting for the day all the default features make it into XenForo
Thanks for stepping up for the community
This add-on is great! Thanks for the devloper for sharing this..
Thank you for this. This makes a big difference to those using mobile device.
Added you to my new favorite person list. Great contribution. Thank you also for squishing that bug Cedric :)
Just what we all needed. Thanks a lot for your hard work and effort on fixing these bugs.