[Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization & CDN Support

Unmaintained [Tinhte] Image Attachment Optimization & CDN Support 2.3.0 20170315

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Jesus, this really a great addon, it helps me so much, luckily i try to use it, i almost ignore the addon and if so i would be struggle to deal my problems
Excellent addon, especially for a forum like mine which is heavh on attachment images. Thanks for creating this.
Wonderful addon which makes it very easy to serve attachments via CDN. Works perfectly. Thank you!
Thank you for this excellent modification. A wonderful mod to post any images on CDN servers. This mod does a lot with just a few settings. I give you also 6 stars :)
An excellent add-on. Helps speed up loading of static Xenforo resources considerably by allowing both attachments and basic Xenforo static content, such as images and JS, to be served via a CDN.
Good addon
Really useful.
good addon
This really sped up my board. It's very noticeable and I can't believe this is a freebie. Top notch!
amazing! so much faster!
Does as it says on the tin. Works perfectly.
I have been wanting to put attachments to CDN since Xenforo came out. Great mod. If I could put more than 5 stars I would.
"New option allow you display attached images in quoted content as only links or full image" ; I remember to have read a lot of members requesting this feature. Thank you!
Nice update!
The CDN alone is worth it.
Must have addon!
Great update, adding images as images into editor was a great addon to this.
Top notch addon!!!
Sexy and useful. :)