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Thread Watchers 1.2

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I missed this feature when we left vB and was so happy to learn of this add-on. It is so nice to be able to realize 'who' will be notified of an update to a particular thread, plus it affords me the capability to give some users a heads-up about a thread if I think they may be interested in following it.
Simple, perfect!
Nice add-on
Nice plugin!
Thank you! Simple and useful!
I liked this Add-on. Quite Useful in tracking the popularity of threads. Thanks.
Very nice addon, works great.
Excellent add-on, and has been well received by users on my forum.
Excellent Add on! Excellent Developer!
Very good update with nice improvements, Thank you very much Chris.
1.2 update was a good update. Better placement for the container and icon now consistent with other thread alerts. Excellent job yet again and shows the improvements chris strives to make and happily doing so. :)
Another outstanding add-on by Chris.
Excellent add-on, thank you very much for taking my suggestion into consideration.
flawless update and a excellent add-on. 5 stars because chris makes useful add-ons and updates
useful add-on and should be in the core. Excellent work yet again Chris. :thumbsup: