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Unmaintained Template Syntax 1.6.1b

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  • Fixed editor showing up empty and non-editable for some people
  • Upgraded CodeMirror dependency (bug fixes & new themes!)
  • Editor now persists when switching between maximized and non-maximized state, preserving your undo history.
Note that due to a bug in CodeMirror (or a conflict between CM and XF), switching tabs will still reset the editors, meaning you loose your undo history. I'm still working to address this but so far I've not been able to locate the cause of this problem.
The addon itself will work fine, you will just loose your undo history when switching tabs, which is not a huge deal but I'll strive to fix it anyway.
Experimental fix for editor not loading with existing content
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  • Fixed error where JS would throw an error if the textarea wasn't initialized yet
  • Fixed url's with double forward slashes
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  • Will now work on TMS search & replace fields
  • Added CodeMirror find & replace functionality, more information here
  • Template Syntax will now use the url used in your browser rather than the one configured in XF, to avoid problems for users that have not properly configured their XF installation (thanks guiltar)
  • Fixed maximize not occupying full screen when editing style properties
Note, due to the find & replace script using the same keybinding as the default value for maximize editor this keybinding has been changed to ctrl-shift-m. If you were using a custom keybinding this won't affect you.
  • Added Zen Coding
  • Added code formatting keybinding
  • Fixed CM sometimes not initializing when creating new templates
  • Fixed "save" keybinding not sending template data when in maximized mode
  • Fixed caching issues; added version tags to js and css files
  • Save selection state
  • Properly calculate width
  • Reposition close button
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