Template Syntax: XenForo Tags

Unmaintained Template Syntax: XenForo Tags

Love all of the good information which is being shared here! My go to guide whenever I'm wondering how to do something, especially something specific (like hiding the visitor panel from the sidebar). Thank you for sharing this, Jeremy!

This is very helpful article for beginner for xenForo, i also know how to use PHP, so maby that helps a lot.

Thank you, Jeremy for sharing this! :)
I have this bookmarked, it's been really helpful as I customize my site for my users.
Thank you. Watch for more template oriented resources soon.
Very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
It's very useful for all of beginner in Xenforo! Thank you so much!
Wish you will complete all of another syntax :D
saved my backside when I broke something on my forum trying to fix something else - xen:map was the solution I needed
Excellent explanation of XF Tags, thanks!