Template Syntax: XenForo Tags

Template Syntax: XenForo Tags


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Template Syntax: XenForo Tags - Documentation for the xen:tags in Templates

Disclaimer: This is a technical explaination and is geared towards developers. However, the information provided here can prove useful to non-developers.

The XenForo Tags
XenForo comes with a robust set of extra HTML tags for use within the templates, these tags utilize the xen namespace within HTML and provide shortcuts that will help those writing templates to use the system. These tags are compiled by XenForo into executable code before being served up to...

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Will the xen:helper tag ever be added to the resource?
For things such as setting opacity for a user-defined colour.
{xen:helper rgba, @primaryLight, 0.5}
I havne't tried this yet or fiddled around with it but before I do I thought I would ask here first. Would I be able to use xen:edithint tag for tabLinks (or aka sub navi links)? For example remove the tablinks from the navi template, add them to there own template then edithint them into page_container elsewhere?

Never mind, figured out an alternative to what I am trying to do.
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edithint doesn't include templates or features in the front end. It brings the template into the edit window to help with your edits (so if you know CSS is loaded, add the edithint so that it appears as a tab to aid dev).
realy nice resource!

But you forget the realy helpfull "link" Tag (xen:link) ;)
I remember that there is something to print something x times?
It would be helpful to have something like

print $x times "<span class=star ...>"

Found it:
<xen:if is="{$something}">
<span style="color: #F00">{xen:string repeat, '*', $something}</span>
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