Tab Alerts

Tab Alerts 1.5

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Tab Alerts v1.5 changes:

Removed need to install tabalerts.js file in /js/ folder.
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Tab Alerts v1.4 changes:

In Tab Alerts v1.3 I introduced an option to have an audio alert. Unfortunately I overlooked that some users will have many tabs open to the same forum, this caused the audio beep to be heard many times.

Tab Alerts v1.4 removed the audio alert option.
Tab Alerts v1.3 changes:

Added audio alert option. Now in addition to the tab alert, a beep will let you know there are is a new alert.

If upgrading from a previous version, make sure you follow the Overview Installation and Setup instructions. Also be sure to reload the page for the new JavaScript code to be updated.
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Tab Alerts v1.2 changes:

Removed one line of code which was left over from testing.
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Tab Alerts v1.1 changes:

The browser console was showing a 'success' error in v1.0. Tab Alerts v1.1 corrects this problem.

If upgrading from Tab Alerts v1.0, please be sure to update the following file and folder:

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