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Unmaintained [SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)

No permission to download
The long awaited permissions have now been added:

XenKingDir - User Permissions
Can View Directory
Can Edit Own Listing Details
Can View Reviews
Can Submit Listing
Can Claim Listing

XenKingDir - Moderator Permissions
Can Set Claimable
Can Edit Any Listing Details

Cleaned up some code around the permission rebuilding, so this should have also fixed the bug that some hidden forums become exposed when re-ordering the directory nodes (I'll need people to tell me / retest, since I was still unable to reproduce)
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Update, to include more phrases for better internationalisation support
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Minor fix to support php5.4

(I know the version should be but this version vanished :s )
1) No page nav selector in directoy list << fixed (
2) Remove debug info from template << fixed (
3) Sub directory sub nodes are now split into 4 columns << fixed (
4) Counts from non primary categories not included when creating a new listing<< fixed (
* Minor Fixes (code tidy up)