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Unmaintained [SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)

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I also had to fix the same button (to an "add listing" redirect) when no home page is used
Likes: Neal
This is a fix related to the directory forum not rendering correctly post XF 1.2

When the directory forum was displayed (for most forums this will probably be hidden) the directory forum did not display the "add listing" button
Likes: Neal
A quick check found an error in xf 1.2 beta

This update resolves this issue
as above, but prefixes were also broke by the last url update...
Likes: resonansER
A simple fix related to the page nav urls not going to the correct page (broke from last update of url changes)
Likes: resonansER
A few fixes related to breadcrumbs and counts, and a couple of extra options added:

  • Display the Category List On Directory Index
  • Display the Category List On Sub-Directory Pages
  • Include The Current Page In The Sub-Directory Breadcrumb
XenKingDir - Minor Fix In Install File
A minor fix to the pagination of reviews (the top pagination was linking to the thead id twice)
Fixed Permissions Bug:

Logged out users could not view directory / reviews even with view permissions