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Unmaintained [SurreyForum] XenKingDir: Link / Business Directory (Directory)

No permission to download
Love it.
Once of my favorite XF add ons! Great support from SurreyForum!
This is a great addon, perfect for what I was after for my site. Thanks.
This is amazing. I love this mod. :-)
Fantastic mod, just what our forum needed
Just what we were looking for. Much thanks!
Very good. Just need responsive design. Next update ?
Amazing Add-on with great support !
An outstanding addon. Works great and makes handling even larger amounts of addresses a breeze. Tenants is very responsive and always keeps it up to date.
Absolutely brilliant, good work!
Good. Next update should include options for Facebook & Twitter contact details and the option to upload a logo to a listing instead of linking to it (https compliant)
Good! Thank you!
This is very good!!
A brilliant Addon coded very nicely! Thanks Tenants for this... :)
Installing this addon caused all forums set as private to have the privacy setting removed. Discussions and forums meant for staff eyes only ended up being visible to everybody on the site...
That's new to me, I'm also unable to reproduce it. I have set a forum to "Private node" and given only admin permissions, uninstalled xenkingdir, reinstalled xenking dir ... the private node is still only visible to admins. If you could provide more info in the discussions, I might be able to fix this for you (once I can reproduce it)
Great add on, just needs a bit more customizing options.
Great to see a directory completely integrated with xenforo. Nice Mod!!!
Just awesome
This is a great directory addon. I'd suggest donating to it to help keep it updated.