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Sportsbook & Betting Exchange 1.10.1

No permission to buy ($45.00)
Fantastic resource! Our community loves it and the support is amazing! Highly recommended for any sports related website.
This is truly unbelievable. This has taken my forum to a whole new level of member interaction for fantasy gaming. A little rewriting with the XF trophy system, turning it into a virtual cash system which is fully integrated with this and stock trader, and BAM... members are addicted to wanting to discuss strategies, get into betting on real games with fantasy money... a real community appeal. I even offer payment for members via virtual cash (trophy points manually added via their ACP user status) per week to run their own leagues and manage them. Win win...
If you have a site that has a large male demographic, this is a must have add-on. This rewrite blows the old version out of the water. Assign trophies to members who win (or lose!) bets, assign more flexibility and permissions to categories, and the new tab layout greatly improves on an already great product.
The members at love this. This is an outstanding add-on for any sports-related forum.
Great replacement for vBookie for us as a forum that shifted from vBulletin - keeps the members happy and keeps activity up, really well worth the money.
Yet again, flawless update/upgrade from Bob. This should be a 2.0, with all the exceptional features and requests that have been implemented as this add-on matures. Many needed enhancements are added in this version, and I am appreciative of this. One of the very few developers who truly "get it", and deliver a solid product time and time again.
A1 addon and support is fantastic!!
Well worth the cost BUT make sure choose the right bookies. Don't let just anyone use this because they can abuse the points system by using outcome ratios other than 1:1. When you do more than 1:1 it results in a huge payout. So choose your bookies carefully.
Regardless of the type of site you run, this is a must have add-on. I have had the privileged of working with this for quite a while, and I have to say, it is probably one of the smoothest add-ons offered.

The chance to bet on anything, for fun? Surely will keep members around if nothing more than for laughs. For die hard sports site, it is literally integral.

The author is an exceptional guy as well, so I easily rate this 5 starts, wishing it could go higher up.
Been waiting awhile for this and I must say it will be a great attention-getter for virtually any type of forum! Can't wait to get it and start using it ;-)
Excellent addon and support. 5 star.
Wish there was an option to rate it 6 stars! Great add-on which has obviously gone through great quality reviews and works wonderfully! Thanks Bob!
Nice update! Fixes coming right along.
Excellent modification, very easy to install, my members will love this!
Had to wait awhile to get this but love it so far, can't wait to include it with the launch of my new site.
Thank you for helping me to update from old version! I was using a 4 year old version but Bob helped me to update everything!
Great great addon. Very usefull in sports related forum. With a CSV importer can be PERFECT! ;)
The update is awesome. Integration with [bd] Widget Framework was a great choice. Hopefully others will be in the creative mood and put out some great widgets. Awesome job!
Excellent add-on. We've been running Sportsbook for almost 2 months. My members love it.
Support is great!
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