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[splendidpoint.com] Top Users of the Month (Any Range) Widget 1.1.1

Displays the Top Users in the Sidebar with the Widget Framework

  1. Sadik B
    This is a Top Users Widget for the Widget Framework by xfrocks. This is NOT a standalone sidebar module and you MUST have the Widget Framework installed if you want to use this.

    You can see it live on My site: Splendid Point

    Note: This will not work with older versions of Widget Framework. Make sure you have the latest 1.0.9 version.

    • Top Users by
      • Post Count
      • Likes
      • Trophies
    • Can enter what Range of Days to search in. So you can have Top Members of the Month, or Week or Year etc. (Not applicable for Trophies)
    • Can Exclude Usergroups
    • Can Exclude specific users
    • Can Specify Limit (Total No. of users to show)
    • Cached for performance
    • Install this like any other addon. Upload the files to library folder and install XML from admincp.
    Upgrade from 1.0.0
    • Upload New Files and Upgrade from AdminCP as usual.
    I have seen this repeatedly requested so hopefully this will be useful to folks...
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Recent Reviews

  1. kkm323
    Version: 1.1.1
    upgraded without any issues (thank you again)
  2. kkm323
    Version: 1.1.0
    thank you so much for this widget. i been looking for this for a long time.