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Unmaintained [] AntiSPAM - Prevent Links and Emails 1.0.1

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This plugin allows you to prevent certain usergroups from posting links and email addresses until they reach a certain number of posts set by you. This will throw an error message denying the content which contains the links / Emails.

Features (Version 1.0.1, released on 15th Dec 2011)
  • Can set no. of posts in AdminCP
  • Can select which usergroups the limit applies to. Admins and Mods are automatically exempt.
  • Checks for links and email addresses in
    • New Thread
    • Reply
    • Editing Post
    • New Conversation
    • Editing Conversation
    • Reply to Conversation
    • Profile Posts
    • Editing Profile Posts
    • Commenting on Profile Posts
    • Signatures (There is an AdminCP Option for this)
  • Uses Phrase AntiSPAM_posts_error_message for the error message displayed.
  • Currently I am using Regex to check for links and email addresses. While the check works perfectly, regex isn't the most efficient way of doing this. Very very busy boards should know this before installing. I plan to run the text through Xenforo's link parser sometime in future.
This has been tested on my Xampp localhost and is live on SplendidPoint. There *may* be bugs though unlikely as the code is very clean and simple.

This was created and tested on XF 1.0.4 and XF 1.1.0.

Let me know if you face any problems with it.
Sadik B
First release
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I agree with Anthony. All profile fields should be included, otherwise this is a brilliant add-on.
This is still the single best spam solution for Xenforo. I really hope it is further developed and refined to include all profile fields.
so god!
Working perfectly.. Just what i needed. [thumbs up]
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