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Unmaintained SOS BB Codes 2.1.0

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Just an update to include white editor icons. If you updated to 2.1.0 previously, you need not re-import the new XML, simply upload the new files.
The first change in this version is a change to the installation process. Previously, you had to manually edit your EXTRA.css template to include the CSS for this add-on. This is now done automatically. Previous users should remove this line from their EXTRA.css template:
<xen:include template="sos_bbcodes.css" />

Secondly, buttons will now be added to the editor toolbar for these bb codes. You can remove these if you do not want them.
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This is a major change to the previous version and, as such, I recommend uninstalling the previous add-on (if you used it) before installing the update.

The biggest change is that the BB Code is now four separate BB Codes, in order to allow custom titles to be used (which also solves the bug reported with how I did the phrases).

There is also now an option to display (provided) images instead of FontAwesome icons.

For more information, check the resource description.