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Fix undefined index error in image.php when invalid data was provided
- Added an Option to enable/disable image.php resizer. This function was enabled by default in earlier version that might make a bottleneck for heavily image attached website. This is no disabled by default, if you want to use it, go to Option and enable.
- Remove extension checking part from image.php, this check was wrongly return data for images without extension (xenforo attachment is an example).
Strip error for inaccesable image in Image.php
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- Fix possibility "undefined index" for empty children tag
- Updated image.php for several cases to prevent possibility read injected image files.
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Due to XF core class XenForo_Image_Gd does not handle transparent PNG if no action was taken (thumbnail, crop...), it was reported that might got wrong return for transparent PNGs if you set Max Width and Height in options to 0 (disable image resize). This update sorted this issue.
Disable Lightbox Trigger if IMG/ATTACH tag is inside an A tag to prevent override A tag functionality
Fix resize error when you set max width and height to 0. It must return full size instead of tiny size.