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Unmaintained sonnb - Profanity Filter 1.2.0

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Just a little change to handle blank post issue
Fix issue with smiles and line breaks if profanity is enabled.
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Minor changes
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Compatible with latest version of XF
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As requested by faeronsayn at This new version contains a permission in User Permission section that allow us to ignore filter on specified users or groups.
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Change Logs:
- Improved on Thread View checking.
Change logs:
- Fix issue with XF's censoring option while you are enabling word=>replace mode.
- Added new option for word replacement. Now you are able to enter: word=>replace in "Addon's Predefined Words" field.
Eg: fuk=>f*k.
Changes Logs:
- Added Option "Censoring Words Using" wherever you can choose
  • XenForo's Censoring Options
  • Using Addon's Predefined Words
- This option is to be adapted your own requirement that want to using different words definition.
- Added Thread Exception: Once threads with specified prefixes were hidden from user's view, they also could not access the thread. Message is customize-able via phrase.


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