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Unmaintained Smiley Manager 2.2.0

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This is one of missed feature from our old VB members. This add on works flawlessly (this far) in latest XF at this moment (1.5.12). Installation is very easy.
Great addon makes editing smilies so much easier. Plus can confirm working on the latest version of Xenforo (1.5.6)
Thanks! The "batch update smilies" feature is really helpful to move smilies into a certain smilies group.
Doesn't seem to be working at all on my end. I sent in a request, and haven't gotten a reply yet either.
I am usually too lazy and procrastinate about making reviews, but I downloaded this a few minutes ago and batch imported smilies. This saved me so much time, instead of having to manually import them one by one, typing the names of the smilies. Thanks Milano for sharing this awesome free smiley manager!
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I didn't think I'd need this until I went to add hundreds of smilies to a new project. Milano makes it simple! Wow! And parsing smilies in profile updates is a huge plus! Thanks for the super easy to use addon!
Another excellent updated and have to say very thoughtful to make the parsing of smilies in the sideblock optional. Personally, I'll have that feature disable but Allan will surely have this enabled so from me and allan thanks again for being such an accommodating person. As always, top not work and a fantastic update yet again.
Yet another exceptional update that matures this add-on and giving much requested features to this thoroughly flesh out add-on. This time the update allowing users to have smilies parsed in profile updates and in comments.

5 stars all day long, and of course great work in providing these nice enhancements Milan. Thankyou.
Thank you Shelley, I really appreciate it
Excellent update!
It seems someone works a lot. Thank you for this major update. We'll wait to see in live how is the smiley manager of XenForo 1.3, but since you're good and have any many ideas, try to continue the development! Choice is good :)
good jobs
The ultimate smiley manager for your forum and that free of charge. Thanks Milano, Five star rating for an "Excellent" resource.
Yet another fantastic update with more features added making this add-on a feature packed smiley manager catering you everyones needs. Milano - Great job. :)
Excellent. Should be part of the core!
Great mod, great quality, should be standard equipment.
This resource is quite simply AWESOME! milano thought of everythig on this one. 5 stars all the way, :)
WOW "Smiley display order" You've done it right. The drag n drop feature is amazing. Worked perfect, a huge thank you for this feature. :)