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Similar threads 8.5

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Similar threads v7.5 changes:

Now works with XF 2.1 and 2.2. Added support for iOS pasting title.
Similar threads v7.3 changes:

Updated finder code to be more compatible with other add-ons.
Similar threads v7.2 changes:

Updated templates to fix issues with markup validation.
Similar threads v7.1 changes:

When creating a new thread, the similar threads dropdown will stay open. Added a cancel button to allow closing the similar threads dropdown during thread creation.
Similar threads v7.0 changes:

Fixed issue with thread title having "|" character.
Similar threads v6.9 changes:

Fixed issue with thread title having multiple "+" characters.
Similar threads v6.8 changes:

Added unicode support to regex.
Similar threads v6.7 changes:

Fixed issue with non language characters causing regexp to fail.
Similar threads v6.6 changes:

Fixed issue with closing similar threads results when message body gets focus.

Similar threads v6.5 changes:

Removed Stop characters field from options page.

Similar threads v6.4 changes:

Fixed issue with single quote in thread title causing errors.
Similar threads v6.3 changes:

Fixed issue with scrollbar in responsive mode.
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