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No permission to buy ($35.00)

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Excellent as always. Does what it says it would and enhanced our community with a necessary feature. Thank you.
Was using this on Xenforo 1.5 and great to see it available on version 2.1, this is a must have for any site where members ask a lot of questions, to try and prevent the same questions been asked over and over again! :)
This add-on is crucial for long-standing communities! Very useful for mining all that gold from older, relevant threads... Andy's add-ons are great, and this is one of his best.
Works flawlessly as all of AndyB's addons do. Been using dozens of his modules and his support is the best across the board.
This addon is perfect for our forum, although we don't use all it's features, by providing more content for our users to read as they browse our forum, this addon is a must have. Very good!
If you aren't using this, you're doing your users a huge disservice IMO. This helps my users quickly find similar content that they want to add upon. It improves posting, especially on busier communities.
Excellent add on that does exactly what it says on the tin. AndyB is also super responsive to support queries.
Loved this on XF 1.5 and love it now on XF2. It was one of those addon's I knew I had to keep around after the upgrade, because people would definitely complain about it being gone. In fact, it WAS missing for the first day after upgrading, and people already WERE asking about it. Essential, as far as I'm concerned.
Great Addon! I paid for this one, but get a lot more. All addons from AndyB are available within this payment. Andy also gives a very good costumer service, he's been bussy for a few days with my website, and I don't even know this nice guy. This 25,- USD is the best investment I did for XF2.
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