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Similar threads 5.3

No permission to buy ($35.00)
Similar threads v5.3 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with getting the correct node_id during thread creation. Now properly supports URL portion.
Similar threads v5.2 changes:

Fixed issue where server errors were logged if Elasticsearch was not found or available.
Similar threads v5.1 changes:

Fixed issue with Enhanced search and XF v2.0x.
Similar threads v5.0 changes:

Added HTTPS support for the enhanced search option.
Similar threads v4.9 changes:

Fixed issue with server error logs being created in new thread creation.
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Similar threads v4.8 changes:

Fixed issue with showing empty results header in thread create.
Similar threads v4.7 changes:

Fixed issue dealing with creating a new thread and excluding forums.
Similar threads v4.6 changes:

Now using Guzzle for HTTP requests.
Similar threads v4.5 changes:

Added space below similar threads results box in thread view.
Similar threads v4.4 changes:

Added code to display a friendly server error log if Enhanced search is selected when XFES has not been installed.