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Unmaintained Restore 'New'-Button For Template Modifications 1.0

Enable 'Create Template Modification' button for everyone - even if not in debug mode

  1. rellek
    This little 'add-on' is in fact more a little template modification than an 'add-on'. This one removes the check for the permission that wraps the display of the 'Create Template Modification' button. The permission itself is not touched.

    Why that?
    Somewhen between XF 1.2 RC1 and 1.2 Final they went out and disabled that button for everyone unless they are in debug mode. So if you do not want to fiddle around with your address bar, you can install that addon.


    If they implemented that, this add-on would become obsolete. Just sayin'. :)

Recent Reviews

  1. Adam Howard
    Adam Howard
    Version: 1.0
    Sould be part of XenForo's default core.