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Report Queues And Stats 1.2.3

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • Fix compatibility with @NixFifty's Tickets add-on
    • Ticket count did not show
  • Make 'reports' phrase global to prevent a query on every page
  • Now php 5.6 compatible
  • Fix 'The session has been saved and is now read-only' error when using with a private error handling add-on
Likes: NixFifty
  • Moderators now respect Report Improvement's "View report center" perm set to denied for displaying report queues in moderator bar
  • Rework add-on to be more extendable
  • Fix CSV button so it downloads correctly
  • Refreshing a stats page now correctly loads the correct time-range
  • Fix report alerts not respecting visibility of queue. This broke Warning Acknowledgement alerts, and caused alerts to be sent to people who couldn't view the queue.
  • Ensure table collation is setup properly
  • Prevent alerts from Report Improvements being sent from non-visible report queues
  • Fix error reporting content with a content type match all report queue assignment rule
  • Report Improvement's compatibility fix, do not error when a "move" report comment state change occurs
  • Fix undefined variable start/end warnings
  • Fix browser caching of report tabs
  • Fixed bar width
  • Fix reports per forum sometimes not working
  • Fix URL/shareable link not being correctly set