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Report Queues And Stats 1.1.11

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • Ensure table collation is setup properly
  • Prevent alerts from Report Improvements being sent from non-visible report queues
  • Fix error reporting content with a content type match all report queue assignment rule
  • Report Improvement's compatibility fix, do not error when a "move" report comment state change occurs
  • Fix undefined variable start/end warnings
  • Fix browser caching of report tabs
  • Fixed bar width
  • Fix reports per forum sometimes not working
  • Fix URL/shareable link not being correctly set
Displays graph of moderator activity for:
  • Reports Handled
  • Report Comments
  • Moderator actions
  • Reports resolved per month
  • Reports made per day of month
  • Reports per forum
All reports downloadable as CSV files.
Permission controlled, admin group enabled by default.
  • Do not double escape HTML characters for auto-report phrase
  • Fix sporadic "Undefined index: queue"
  • Implemented proper last read checking
    • Viewing a queue doesn't mark every other queue as read
  • Fix a potential css conflict issue with thread list header
  • Fix issue where report searching wasn't available in thread tools
  • When viewing a report, canonicalize the URL.
  • Validate a user can move a report to a given queue
  • Simplify CSS for report queue moving
  • Compatibility fix for Report Improvements