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Unmaintained Registration Form Timer (Now Includes StopBotters API) 2.0

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Thank you so much for donating. It is always appreciated!

Version 2.0 of Registration Form Timer now includes the Stop Botters API by tenants.

Extra special thanks goes to tenants for providing and integrating this API.

StopBotters (Optional) Detection Mechanism
  • Stops A high percentage of known bots using an API request.
  • Known bots are detected via IP address / Email Address / Username.
  • The underlying StopBotters mechanism is confidential
Fixes bug in installer.
This update now includes an option to redirect the bot to a fake success page.

This is the normal XenForo successful registration page. I would hope this to make the bot believe they have successfully registered when they haven't.



Also included is an option to log registration attempts. If enabled, each failed registration attempt is logged:
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Can now set time limit to less than 5 seconds.

If you prefer, you can just upgrade using the XML. No other files have been altered.
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