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Unmaintained Registration Form Timer (Now Includes StopBotters API) 2.0

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Excellent plugin, just what I needed to stop the spambots from registering to our forums - huge headache otherwise to del with them. thank you very much!!!
Brilliant add-on! In just over 72 hours, it has stopped over 200 spam registrations, a big problem at our boards. This should be added as a stock option, that's how good it is. Highly recommended!!!
Bravo!!! This thing really works! Caught 8 slimey ba$tard spambots in just a few hours.

I'm impressed. 5 stars!
Thanks for this Chris, like many of your addons this helps big time!
Stopping the bots in less than a second
I have been using this add-on since November 2012 and it has stopped over 10k spam users on 2 websites. Love this add-on! :)
great addon, thanks for sharing!
Awesomely good. Also has the added ability to mess with the bots by switching up what happens after the registration attempt.
Great add-on to combat spam! :) Should be a built-in feature!
Donated! This add-on has saved so much headache!
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you for the donation, Rob Fritz. Very generous. Much appreciated. Glad this is working well for you :-)
Excellent resource
The newest version, with StopBotters integrated, is showing itself to be an excellent tool against spam. Is definitely helping.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you Kevin :)
I rate again this resource with 5 stars. A big thank you to Chris and all members who contributed to that addon (may be you should put their names in the front page Chris, it's rare to see such a team work). Great, great & great. Hats off.
Chris D
Chris D
Thank you again Cédric. Not sure I've missed any one though... I wrote the add-on myself and the StopBotters portion is by tenants who even kindly implemented it for me who I thanked on the front page... I hope I haven't missed anyone :(
within less than a minute 2 bots stopped in their tracks, I just checked again and it's now 5. Very affective, and another one of chris's mods that's worth of being in XF core. Excellent work once again. Thanks Chris. :)
Blocks the first spammers in a matter of minutes. Very effective, yet simpel.
Stops a lot of those registration bots before they can even get out of the gate. Great add-on!
This is an essential and awesome add-on. Should be part of core.
Great add on Chris!
Installed it 8 minutes ago and it's already caught two bots! Excellent add-on.